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Cyclone Idai

Dear All We urgently need your prayers! Tropical cyclone Idai has worked its way through Mozambique creating much devastation and loss of life. The city of Beria suffered terrible destruction with damage to 90% of buildings and widespread flooding. This was made worse by the loss of phone services which are only just being repaired. As we write we are receiving messages from people asking if we at Mercy Air can fly to rescue children and families from rooftops and out of trees. At this point in time we have one helicopter in the Beira region helping people in terrible difficulties, and we are trying to mobilise our second. PLEASE PRAY: ·That our crew, Joel and Philip, will continue to have wisdom to know where to go. ·That they operate at their normal high level of safety even though they will be tired. ·That the Mozambique government will create good clear lines of communication. ·That people at the Mercy Air base will be ready to respond with the second Helicopter and our fixed wing aircraf…
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The new school assembly.

I have spent many happy and friutful hours in my local schools in Birmingham. I had presumed this work would be behind me in SA but as you can see that is not the case. These are some local children we at Mercy Air hosted It gave us an opportunity to tell them of the work we do and how important Jesus is to us. 

Last trip of 2018

Our first trip to Sam ministries in 2014 seems a long time ago. Since then we have traveled 6 times to partner with the mission team who work there. It is always a privilege and a learning experience.

Pastor Dwight and the team run two intensive trainingweeks for pastors in Mozambique seeking to complete a course of training. The group includes Monitors, who oversee the work in their local areas and churches. There is no specific church denomination represented but a broad spectrum of God’s people.

In total there were 66 pastors, of whom many had traveled over 500 km on poor public transport to be together for the week. For some the journey took three days. Their passion to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus was humbling. Many spent the week in a tent during some very heavy rain downpours. During the week others were concerned about families, fields and crops, as a lot of them depended on what was growing in their fields to provide food for their families for the season to come. I …


Just trying to connect the dots of what we do here at Mercy Air.

This article is in a newspaper in South Africa it is talking about a place Limpopo., see map.  We at Mercy Air will be flying to in 2019 each month to a village there ans will be working in partnership with Flying for Life We are seeking  to work with isolated people in need. I have been part of two flights this year to a place called Tshikondeni in Limpopo. more news to follow how we do up there.

how much ?

let’s get this out there now. We have a domestic to help us here in South Africa. After 33 years of marriage and having no paid help to assist us run our household and family and lots of visitors and Erin working full time we NOW have a domestic. Our old house was a 5-bedroom large house and we now live in a very comfortable 3 room Wendy house.  We have a lovely lady who helps us keep the house in order. not long after we arrived she came and asked if we had any work as she had a spare day and would like to be working, so we said yes. We were unsure what she was going to do in such a small house, but it is working fine. She comes to us each Wednesday, she is quiet as a mouse and listens to Jacaranda FM on the radio as she puts our house in lovely tidy order.    The reason I write about this is because I just found out what the minimum working hourly rate is for a domestic here in South Africa . But before that to give you that  something to contrast it to, the National Living Wage in th…

1st Road Trip to Mozambique

I recently took the opportunity to take my first long African road trip.
One of our mission partners who we have visited a number of times offered me the opportunity to go to their place for 10 days leaving Erin in South Africa! You can find them at at their base in for 10 days. This trip would normally be a half day flight with a Mercy Air plane.

This time we travelled by car, a 3 day journey including two overnight stops with a friend who works at ASAM called Andy' who has made this trip many times. The first night we stayed in a very nice potting shed on a secure well-appointed site just outside Xai Xai. The second night we stayed in a lovely place on the beach at Vilankulos. Then on to the mission base.

The challenges on this sort of drive are; border crossing from South Africa to Mozambique, varying speed limits, (without signs) lots of police stops and speed traps, Narrow tarmac roads with lots of children waking to somewhere?, Tarmac with …

Free NHS?

It seems that when moving from one country to another it is inevitable there is a new normal. After all, why move if everything is still the same. Part of the experience of being here in South Africa is to discover new ways of living in comparison to the old ways.

As we left our home country of almost 60 years there was a debate raging aboutthe NHS (National Health Service). This is an institution close to our hearts as Erin worked in the Pathology service (Microbiology) for over 20 years. Like many we took for granted the 'free at the point of delivery' value it offered to all.I never really thought about the 6% of my stipend going to support the NHS. Like many I muttered under my breath when I had to wait too long in the doctors. I probably raised an eyebrow when I parted with my £8 something for a prescription. I had little thought to how much the medication cost to develop, make and dispense.In my old normal  I took all this for granted.
But the new normal here in South Afr…