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How was your holiday

Are you ever lost for words? Some things are hard to describe. People ask, how was it? The same way I ask others, how was it? Often what we or I would like as an answer is something short, do not ramble I think internally, not too much fine detail please just enough to keep my eyes interested but not too much creating me a problem with my next meeting, conversation, appointment, TV programme. I remember being in Mozambique with Paul and he said when you get home people will ask “how was your holiday”? and you will struggle to put it into words, he was right. At our Christmas fair on Saturday I had an enriching conversation with my local funeral director. She “you’ve been on that thingy, begins with an S”, me sabbatical, she “yes or as I call it a jolly”! it is hard to put into words some things you go through,  perhaps there are no words maybe  words just get in the way of the experience, words might just clutter and misrepresent the experience