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It was our Walk To Freedom

It was our Walk To Freedom
It was our Walk To Freedom tour day. All we knew is that we ended up on Robben Island so we could peer into Nelson Mandela' cell.  The tour bus is on time and the day starts well, a mini bus full of people we have never met before and will never see again. The guide talks us through Cape Town points of interest bringing us to the District 6 Museum.
The late morning brings us to the Langa Township where we come to a reception area not unlike many community centers I have visited on outer estates in England, where people are trying to do good work in challenging situations. We are given the opportunity to see some pottery painted by two township women with no sense of passion for their task. I have seen that look before on the faces of people serving fast food late at night near the end of a shift but not near enough. The corridors are littered with stuff made by local township artisans. This corridor I believe is supposed to instill in us a sense of achie…