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Miss placed Trust - Trust

We could take the front page of any newspaper and find these headlines somewhere Gun Crime problem , Foreign troops occupy our land, People desperate to know the future seek guidance from horoscopes and fortune tellers, Banks on the edge of collapse, payday money lenders in high interest rate rates row. Like a high calorie sandwich The reading from Isaiah has four fillings 1.Full of superstition  v6 2.Full of silver and gold v7 3.Full of horses and chariots  v7 4.Full of idols v8 This is a political, religious, financial and sociological appraisal of a people in trouble.  So I am with Desmond TuTu  when he say He once said, “Those who say that politics and religion should not mix do not read the same Bible as I do.”
For at the heart of the issue for Isaiah is one of trust. The people no longer trusted God or the prophets so they went calling on those who would tell them what they wanted to hear. It always easier to listen to someone telling you something you would like to hear, …