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A word I have been toying with this year is habit. Another time in my life I might have said God has given me this word. But I'm comfortable with toying. It sort of follows on from my Small but significant exploration.  So I will be inflicting or sharing with my people the possibilities of habit. 
A habit regular tendency or practice often interpreted as bad habit, picking your nose,  belching after dinner and inappropriate winking all which I'm guilty of and much worse. But there are much worse habits to be found guilty of. (Have a think) reflective moment over. As parents and teachers we watch the young grow through those distasful habits. But as a disciple of Jesus in some way means to understand some of those bad habits and begin to change them, and I hope to explore some of them through the year. But there are the good habits we ask of others to take up, I was sick to death saying to children learn your scales, make a habit of playing is what I meant, brush your teeth yes e…