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The End is nigh

If you watch old black and white TV programs it is possible to see usually a man wearing a sandwich board stating ‘The end is nigh’. We look back and perhaps see how misguided they were, wrong time? Wrong place?  They were people who were passionate and prepared to stand out of the crowd for their cause. Those people who tried to guide us in a different direction are now images of ridicule and sly or open laughter. So where are they today?My feeling is these sandwich board bearers of the past are now the politicians of our government yes the once ridiculed people of the 50s have become politicians of today. Don’t be daft I hear you say they are not as ill thought out as those narrow minded misguided people of the past. Well I believe so and I see them imbedded in the in out EU argument. I feel I am being guided by the conversation of fear.  Woe to us if we stay in woe woe to us if we leave. This form of argument is straight out of the 1950s our politicians today are black and white im…

Easter yes

I have just spent the morning preparing for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. My home made cross and prayers are in place (see other blog). I have set the large cross in the Lady Chapel and decorated it. During this time I was playing The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir ‘I’ll say Yes’. In 2009 I went to New York for a week with my daughter and under direction from my PA Franci we went to The Brooklyn Tabernacle, it was a taste of heaven not a foretaste but a taste now. It was there I first heard this song and on engaging with it I knew I would go back to Pype Hayes and my parish. I know it is emotionally charged and not of my culture or background, but there you go he is a strange God. 
As I have put up the cross and hung the prayers and listened to the music on my own I found myself on my knees in front of the cross in tears. It is a good day to say yes to his will, for the prospects are bleak. If you do not know the ending of the Easter story then today there is no hope. All is lost. 
At my ti…