LA 1

just arrive in LA. let me tell you the difficult bit of travel always seems to be getting from station to hotel on public transport. arriving at the hostel/hotel i discover i have lost a sandle i must have had them 5 years. i was trying to be cool and straping them the back of my rucksack.
im thinking of lobying Birmingham city councuil to plant palm trees on the Tyburn Road they transform the landscape and we could all listen to Hotel California in the 67 bus.
room is not ready yet the loby is trendy and has a young feeling abut it hope the room lives up to the entrance.
now let me see i have two priorities
1 find a church
2 find where the womens voleyball is playing tomorrow
better get a shower first


  1. Keep up the excellent blogs, very thought provoking and takes me to another place and time. palm trees on tyburn road are a good idea.

  2. So did the room live up to the entrance ?
    Hope you found a church...not so sure about the women's volleyball !!


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