The End is nigh

If you watch old black and white TV programs it is possible to see usually a man wearing a sandwich board stating ‘The end is nigh’. We look back and perhaps see how misguided they were, wrong time? Wrong place?  They were people who were passionate and prepared to stand out of the crowd for their cause. Those people who tried to guide us in a different direction are now images of ridicule and sly or open laughter. So where are they today?

My feeling is these sandwich board bearers of the past are now the politicians of our government yes the once ridiculed people of the 50s have become politicians of today. Don’t be daft I hear you say they are not as ill thought out as those narrow minded misguided people of the past. Well I believe so and I see them imbedded in the in out EU argument. I feel I am being guided by the conversation of fear.  Woe to us if we stay in woe woe to us if we leave. This form of argument is straight out of the 1950s our politicians today are black and white images in living colour. The sandwich boards have been exchanged for social media but the fear is the same. I don’t need fear I need education, argument and facts, passion and shouting but no woe and fear. Politicians please put away your modern day sandwich boards of woe and fear. The end is not nigh there are possibilities and choices before us.


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