The bus

The bus
I have spent quite a lot of time on the bus whichever city I have been in1 and most of the time I am the only white guy on the bus. The bus is the next step up from those guys and gals who live on the bench’s or push a shopping carts. I have to say i never felt threatened o the bus here but yu do travel with God’s interesting people. The very poor who should not on the bus get on at the back so they don’t pay.
The drivers are interesting and come in all forms the women are usually matriarchal powerful types who need the big bus to carry the ego and personality they dominate with a sense of power and bueaty. Asked one just to make sure does this bus go to the concert hall you know the Disney building. Now if you know anything about building this one you will have seen and if you don’t know anything about buildings you will fg o ho that one. It a large concert hall build of twisted steel it is a world class magnificent building. Back to the bus so i ask does this bus go past this building? There was one of those silences were you think did i ask to sleep with here or ask for directions. The answer comes in a slow LA drawl “I go to the top of the hill”. There was nothing else i could say if i asked another question she would have eaten me. I n=move down the bus a defeated and humiliated man. I get of three stops time outside the world famous Disney concert hall.
Coming back from Venice beach was school out time this but driver on first impression was approaching retirement waiting for pension. When we arrived at the school bus stops he ordered all back of bus way form the door on one at a time and only if you show your pass, in a sort of ex Vietnam war veteran style. He ordered people away from the inside door. He ordered one guy to stop playing the music to loud on his i pod another guy remonstrates with him and the driver orders him off the bus,. The guy who was thrown off had no music.
Then last night coming home from the Los Angeles County Museum, we are travelling with Mr it s the need of the week Mr cool. No one pays and spends most of the journey asking a women passenger to go out with him. The buses are funny places full of poor people.


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