Hotel rooms
Chocolat hostel is where we stopped in New York for $64 a night twin room. Picture that room you have somewhere in the house you think if you clear, it paint, and put up shelves you could store stuff in it. That’s our bedroom without all the work but with a steel bunk bed and window that does not close. The hall to our suite reminds me of a scene from the film Taxi Driver where Travis Bickle lives. We are on the 6th floor the lift only works 50% of the time. its really student accommodation so what a 50 year old is doing hear i have no idea apart from not letting the daughter get above her station to early in life.
The bathroom which is shared with half of the 6th floor is interesting. Margaret Thatcher was recorded as saying “if you’re still on the bus at 40 you have not made it in life". Well here is a new take on that view. If you are in a shower that is not yours at 50years old and you’re not sure who that pubic hair belongs to, reflect on life. But having said that I did enjoy my stay there.
So I am here in Houston flat screen tv, clean sheets, towels all the items normal people expect and no elderly lady sleeping next to me.
Having said that i did enjoy th
I hope I have not peeked to soon, don’t tell Erin I could have upgraded to a suite for another $25, I did not honest. I am booked into another hostel in LA.
if you dont usually pray start praying for my next accomodation, i would be greatful,


  1. Hey-how good is this! I worked it out myself! I think I've just joined the 21st Century.
    Enjoy Houston, Rothko, nice bed & clean sheets!


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