Houston 2

Houston 2
I feel I have to qualify my narrow and short observations of Houston. The streets are wide and straddled by enormous skyscrapers whose reflection from the sun blinds you. With very little human activity on the streets and the whirr of the metro it is sort of futuristic without soul. So I go to Maces and then I find a tunnel. And lo and behold there is a whole section of Houston interconnected by a series of tunnels; it is a bit like what the American army found the Vietnamese had dug beneath them. It is possible to move from one sky scraper to another from one district to another via a series of air conditioned tunnels lined with places to eat. I know I sound a bit like a boy up form the country for the first time shouting ma ma they have electricity and toilets here. But the rub is you drive to work in your air conditioned car into the car park (which I don’t think is air conditioned) thru to the air conditioned office. You then take your break walking the interconnected tunnels choosing where to eat and shop, finish your day driving home the air conditioned car to the air conditioned home. Now here is the rub, rub. The pastor on Sunday was talking about creation Genesis 2 and Sabbath. (You can get the sermon on line) but is this was involved in creation they would concrete over the lot and build another Garden of Eden underneath. I don’t blame them two blocks in the sun here and my underpants a like a cloth for washing down the car with. The shiny clean people with the pressed shirts and skirts are below and the dirty poor are above, I have not been approached for money below because like all Malls here and at home they are private spaces and you can be easily ejected. So finally i take with me how can you have a theology of creation and caring for it when you’re so disconnected from it? And how do I need to change my lifestyle. (I am not sure we at home are any better)


  1. You've been reading 'Sex God'...Yes? See...I give you good books to read!


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