LA Metro

I found the metro today so I took off to Hollywood. If you are ever given the choice of going down Hollywood drive or saw of a toe of go for the latter.
On the metro came 3 young girls with their children all between 3 and 16ish (age). It is my presumption they were related but I could be wrong. But I imagine when the older girls were say 3 years old their mommy must have taken them to one side and said. You need to speak up, speak loud, speak without taking a breath and don’t mind whatever anyone else thinks. They invaded the carriage and drowned out the sound of the metro. It was like towing an empty skip behind the train. The younger girls looked at their moms and i could imagine them thinking how am i going to do that for the rest of my life. I got off the metro and I could still hear them as the metro pulled out of the station.
Down the road from where I am staying there making a movie. The road is closed biker copes at all points and numerous of film wanabees with radios telling you the road is closed and you need to go round the block. What is interesting is that it is 90 something hot and they are making a scene in the rain. The film company has fitted some sort of sprinkler system to the roofs of the building so when the director shouts film, cut or go rain appears from the sky. They are advertising on TV here in Las Angeles to save water and there are literally truck loads of rainwater waiting to be sprayed onto the streets.


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