my life is not about me

My life is not about me
There is a story doing the rounds that is something like this.
An Australia priest was walking down the road approaching the church, dog collar a glowing. Someone shouts across the road to him “say one for me father”. Before the possible humorous request had finished it plea the priest responds “say one yourself you lazy bastard”. I must try that in Pype Hayes.
The other night i had dinner with someone on the train we exchanged emails and latter in the week i receive an email (which is more than i am getting from my family). Anyway part of it contains a request to pray for someone, to which i do and are.
Richard in his chapter you are not in control uses the phrase ‘My life is not about me’. This phrase seems to make sense of a prayer request on a sabbatical.


  1. I've totally just sent you an email...proof that you're not forgotten.

    I'm very much enjoying your blogs...they are padding out my lazy student days of sleeping and being lazy and attempting to pack.

    We miss you millions. xxx


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