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Sunday after noon
Its Monday labour day and im in Bloomingdales coffee shop writing while Ruth shops
Let me give you some figures on Brooklyn Tab church as we New Yorkers call it. Started 12 noon finished 2;15, more than 3000 people, choir 120 people with 2 leaders 5 people co lead the service 1 preacher. We worshiped in song for 45 min then the notices. Preacher started 1;15 then finished with an alter call at 2;15. This was the second service of the day the 1st at 9 and then back at 3 for a lady teacher and a gospel service at 6. We left exhausted at 2;15 to buy the music from their bookshop.
As I sit in Bloomingdales someone on the staff asks is this a return item? The lady in charge is a beautiful greying black woman and from across the shop floor orders the guy to put it down , three times . She carries this out in such a commanding manor I almost wet myself and throw myself to the shop floor and own up to her everything I have ever done wrong in my life. There are so many New York women with attitude.
Back the Brooklyn Tab.
This was without a doubt an awesome experience, if you like this sort of worship, and I did it is a glimpse of heavens worship to come, experienced today. There was no sense of embarrassment when it came to the offertory/collection, we were asked to give generously. Maybe this is one answer to the question, how will we do church in the poor areas in England? Dig deep and pay.


  1. WooHoo!! Whoop Whoop Whoop! You and Ruth made it to Brooklyn Tab!!! I'm so glad. I would have loved to have been there. But we all will be, in heaven. :)


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