New York Sunday

Part of the reason for this trip is to see and experiences new things. So this Sunday morning being a good Anglican Priest I went to the synagogue, yep Rabi Nigel. There is a whopping great building just down the street from where we are staying. I was unsure how I would be received but they were a welcoming lot. During the service they told me where they were in the book and the man sitting next to me was happy to explain what was going on. He told me about the use of the psalms to prepare for the main reading and prayers then leading onto to the conclusion. It was an interesting experience using the Hebrew scriptures (old Testament) and not just jumping to the conclusion that there were about Jesus. There were about 20 people in the congregation meeting in a room something like a lady or side chapel. I was there for 8 in the morning yes in the morning and after tea and croissant.
When were walking the previous evening I saw a couple coming out of an apartment and by the way they were dressed presumed from my limited knowledge they were Jews. He had the whole cool thing with the hair hat and coat. So I stopped the man to ask them if I could join them tomorrow. They were a little surprised but said yes. The problem being I think I went to the wrong synagogue. Because where I ended up they were where wearing shorts etc and a woman lead. The experience reminded forcefully how we as Christians forget our Old Testament roots. At the end of the service I was introduced to the rabbi, a young American man. When he could see I was interested got out the scrolls to show me. During the service he was the person who blew the horn, ask me more about that.
Then we took the subway to Brooklyn to The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, well that’s another story, thanks for the advice Franci.


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