Number 16 Red Brown and Black

Number 16 red brown and black RBB
Its Friday night and its free at the MOMA. This begins my spiritual pilgrimage of Rothko’s works In other words me arsing about in museums. I found three of Rothko’s works number 13, number 10 and Red brown black. If you go on the MOMA webb site they should have some images. In my dissertation on Rothko one of the reasons for choosing him was he belong to the Abstract Expressionists School of painters. The title sounded so intellectually up itself it thought i would explore what it meant. What i discovered is if the painting or the image is entitled “giraffe” you can be sure there is no giraffe, or anything like a giraffe anywhere in front of you. But back to Friday night in New York. There are times when i think Rothko is taking the piss and other times like the Red Brown and Black when i think he is onto something spiritually for me anyhow. Time in front of this RBB today made me smile. It would have been nice to do complin (night prayers) in front of this piece but the MOMA tonight is like New York itself frenetic. That is the price you pay for coming on Friday evening its free entrance, cheapskates. Both places the museum and the city are like spending time in a spin dryer with the lid down they dry you out so you need to go somewhere else to get untangled.
Highlight so far is the walk thou Central Park on some Morning it was quiet, restful place with plenty of space. Best and worse space Times Square so many people selling taking sitting walking running driving all sweating.
We have also been to a show on Broadway Ruth forced me to go. We went to see The Lion King
I must say i don’t know how to you would hold a quiet spiritual life here. I am reading the book of Esther at the moment; she teaches us how to pray.
Ps watched New York boy come home last night straight onto his roof and out with the laptop. He needs to get a life.


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