NY to NO

Leving NY felt a relief to leave behind the chaose and consumption
The train travles thru a long tunnel and its like being on a Disney ride, from the darkness being ejected to the outskirts of the city and all the mess and poverty that is the make up of many city edges,

The night was poor. As you leave Washington you see the usual landmarks seen so many times on the tv. Then it’s just hour after hour of darkness and small towns without the aid of the lights of Times Square. The beauty of North America is not to be seen on this portion of the trip.
I have dinner in the dining car southern fried chicken seen as I am travelling to the south. I am placed with an Australian couple they have a bedroom. It is not until about 3:30 in the morning that I am jealous. Train seats are good but a lie down bed they are not. I am seriously thinking of damaging the budget and trying to get a bed for Houston to LA trip that’s 2 nights. We chatted about the difficulties both countries seem to face at the moment, their, Aboriginal issue and our National Health Service. We drank Australian wine.
It a bit strange at the moment I have no phone and no internet so i feel a bit cut off. The night is not about sight but all about sounds. People on the phone for hours talking nothing but nonsense, one way conversation for no ones benefit but their own. Coughing, sneezing and snoring, the air assisted doors pushing banging and returning. A change of guard requiring another look at my ticket. And the quiet complaints about the homeless man in our car. I thought we were all homeless tonight. Through the night I am never sure if I will have to sacrifice my double seat to another passenger. I finally get to sleep and some lady apologises to me as I am sleeping in here seat, so I surrender the luxury of a twin seat.
We are now leaving Birmingham Alabama
I am aware in the night, strangely aware of another person’s back resting on mine. Now when you have been married to the same woman for 25 years there are certain habits you take for granted? The habits are part rewards for giving everything to each other. It took me just a few seconds to realise that I better not take advantage of one of the many benefits of marriage. I stayed myself and inched just a fraction towards the window and safety, for her and me. And I dream a little less deeply.
We stretch our legs at Atlanta .My new found seat friend and i talk for a long time she has be to visit her children and grandchildren.


  1. I used to live in Birmingham Alabama and now I live in Birmingham England. :)

    Next stop Dallas and Houston?


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