Oh what a night SF1

Do you remember the song from I think it was The Four Seasons Oh what a night? Well for me it is the same expression for a different reason. Made it to San Francisco 10 0clock at night and chickened and got a cab to the hostel. I am in a four bed dorm with three other guy’s they also have mixed dorms but Erin said No No No. Who do you think uses the prayer Please God don’t let me fall? Mountaineers, wire walkers scaffolders, no me lying on the top bunk I am last in the room so I get a top bunk. The last time I slept on the top bunk I was 8 years old now I am like granddad in the room they are so young I am not sure whether to go to sleep or read them a story. At some point in the long night alongside the fear of falling out of bed I loos my pillow, it has fallen to its death thousands of feet below it is my only comfort apart from second hand sleeping bag. I think I am the only one in the hostel in a black two piece pair of striped pyjamas. Not sure if I will have to go and get a pair of those trendy boxers Beckham wears (David not Victoria) that give you a carved like set of stomach muscles. I have no way of knowing what time it is, as it is the first time in 40 years I have been separated from my glasses, so I wait and not sleep much. During the not sleeping I listen to the snoring of men. The sound moves around the room like a cricket in a field but this is more like a series of diesel generators at a travelling Fair. During the night someone gets up to do something (I thought it was men of a certain age did that)I am at the point of asking if he can get my pillow but stop myself fearing the request might be misinterpreted for something else. I wake in my bed to my relief and not on the floor or hospital, I throw my feet over the edge of the bed and wonder who is going to lift me down I could be up here all day. My shoes from this height look like a child’s slippers. The last time I was looking at a drop like this I was securely harnessed to another climber. The next trick is to get from black stripy pyjamas to underpants without revealing what is only open to view either by either medical or marital personnel. Accomplished. Jesus must have been joking when he said he had no bed right?
I stand in the middle of the dorm with a deep and lively memory. It is of a hotel in Bruges Erin and I went to for a wedding anniversary. Egyptian cotton sheets, turn down, chocolates on the bed, four soft pillows, white fluffy towels, bath robes and no one else but me farting in the room.
I’m off to walk the streets of San Francisco.


  1. Your two mistake.....1) you never asked for your pillow to be passed up to you by the young gentleman.
    2) You should have took a leisurly time to change from PJ's to under crackers.

    By completeing one or both of these actions would have cleared the room very quickly leaving you to have a peaceful nights sleep! or a complaint made against you and you being moved onto a room of your own.! either way happy days!

  2. I do remember that song. But come on, you're in San Fran - how about Journey's "When the lights go down on the city, and the sun shines on the bay..."? My godmother lived there, you know, and died of cancer there too.

  3. HI Nigel
    That sounds like a night from hell.
    You are sounding like Martin.
    Get out of there.
    Lots Love
    Mom & John

  4. Hi Nigel, must be my wicked sense of humour, but I find this very funny ha ha.


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