salty bacon

Salty bacon
My wife tells and also shows me this thing about salty bacon.
If the bacon comes a bit too salty, this is like a leg not a rasher you put it into a container of cold water and somehow the salt is drawn out of the meat, this allows the full flavour to be experienced. This action takes away that Pha tast in your mouth. I have to say that is how I have felt more than recently, like a salty piece of bacon. The last month of no parish responsibility has been a bit like being in a bowl of cold water. It has been a time where some of the bitterness has and is being drawn out this large piece of bacon. I did not plan to be salty or bitter it just seemed to happen over time, bit bit, sinew by sinew the salt and bitterness seeped into my life. I have concluded at this point in my life I am inedible. Nigel is not fit for human consumption. That makes me sad no proper sad. One of the spiritual strands of my life in Pype Hayes has been to try and flourish in the parish in the calling, to flourish not just survive. After all am I not a spiritual role model? But it seems i have failed on this culinary point.
The background to this spiritual thriving is the Genesis creation story and the two previous vicars before me who both left Pype Hayes spiritually and physically drained. I do not want to be physically and mentally drained. i do want to be part of the good stuff in the garden that is Pype Hayes , so God may look and say that looks good and Nigel is not too salty either.


  1. keep writing...what a gift....thank you for sharing it...


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