just out of reach

It was a late Monday night and we were exiting the Westfield shopping complex the sky was Disneyesqu in its colour, in front of us was a man with a paper cup. Ok so some of you are a little pissed with angle I am taking. My brother has text me to say he is having to get some therapy because I am depressing him.
So what has changed since one me has become 2 well. We have also been doing the married things we usually do on holidays. Does this ring any bells with you? looking at supermarkets to see what the locals buy. We also go looking at estate agents to buy houses we will never live in and can’t afford. So we take the hire car to Moteray to go the Big Sur, but I have to own up to a lie. I promised myself at home to hire, a Ford Mustang (red if possible) with no hoffing roof. I get to the hire shop and say, like a man of 50 something with no vision, do you have a compact? I look round to see who would book such a car to go down highway 1 in California. There is no one else inline, it’s me. Then the lady behind the counter asks would I like a bigger car for $6 a day extra, I give in and also book a sat nav which is almost as dear as the cheep car. I get into my Toyota something bland and make my way the airport.
So we are looking in estate agents for houses we will never live and cant afford, we are in Pebble Beach it has some sort of Golf course there they are advertising Tiger trees is going to play there. In the local estate agents they have all the photos of houses set in woods this is like pornography for the over 50s. The starting price is $5million so there is this one it has sea views not like Rhyl this is Pacific sea views. The cost $34 million not 3 point 4, but $34. So I am thinking you get house and i presume garage for that, well you would be wrong not even a window its just a building plot for a house $34 feking million. Arn’t you glad sometimes some things are just out of reach.


  1. Hi Nigel.
    Not in the least bit pissed with your angle on the poor of that big rich country they deserve to be mentioned Jesus loved them and still does i'm sure but the situation will never change as long as Wall Street ,the IMF and World Bank dictate to the governments of this world.
    To learn more read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.
    Love and prayers to you and Erin.


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