When is too much too much? When we are all held ransom to the talk unlimited mobile phone contract is the answer. As my blog would indicate I have had some excellent and stimulating conversations with people here. But I have had to listen to many more people and their vacuase inane desperately dull phone monologues. I can only assume that after 25 minuets of my neighbour in the train carriage inflicting their monologue on their loved one on the other end they will go home and find they have shot themselves out of desperation. Because at times I am looking for a window to throw myself out of onto the wastelands of Iowa and Jesus said love your neighbour he did not have to sit next to this lot for two days.
At times I go to a Christian community a house run by an order of sisters and most of the time (Major Saints Days excluded) we have silent meals which I have grown to appreciate. But all my evangelical zeal used in explaining the benefits of the silence to my children still leaves them puzzled to its rewards. So back to my train carriage known as train 6 carriage 11 we have passed thru Denver heading towards Chicago. So the train has been travelling from San Francisco hundreds if not thousands of miles. The carriage looks like a well used refugee camp except this carriage littered with phones and laptops. Until the early hours of the morning children are focused upon and baby sat by their relevant films mom (mainly) sleeps or inflicts this ongoing phone monologue to its by now dead recipient. This leaves my need for sleep to be greater than the monologues, the soundtracks of the movies and the flickering of the screens. At sometime around three in the morning i am wondering how much it will cost to fly Chicago to New York. So the next morning when I am awake and almost ready to take on the day all around is a sleep. I have a desperate desire to shout and scream and talk to no one on the phone about nothing of any interest to the human race, but I chicken out and get some tea.
The carriage that started out with some much hope now looks unwelcoming. Bodies of all shapes and sizes wrapped in blankets lie scattered in all directions and all angles. The hopeful space is turned into a battleground of life. The train staff endeavours to use a manual sweeper on the floor but the sweeper is defeated by the enormity of the task before it. And the talk unlimited monologues continue. Bloody phones.


  1. Ha, ha, ha! You know, you could be over here on the train complaining about the bloody phones. Ian does. :)

  2. Buy EAR PLUGS its a lot cheaper than air fare and as for Obamers 1.8 billion thats just for more and bigger chickens.
    Hope you are both well and enjoying the trip keep sending the blogs they are very interesting and entertaining.
    Love and prayers Mike.


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