we`are going to be early

It is 8 in the morning and they announce the train is going to be early into Chicago. We expected to be at 4 in the afternoon. So they are bringing breakfast and lunch forward. Don’t forget this a three day trip and can be 5 or more hours late. So they finished breakfast early so we could fit lunch in at 10:30. So i am presuming we are going to be in at just gone 12. Another announcement informs us all we will be arriving at 3:30.so for a 30 mins early arrival they bring lunch forward to start at 10:30. I am wondering if we would be 1 hour early would they bring breakfast 6-7 then lunch 8-10,i am a bit confused. When i first got on the train in NT to New Orleans i looked at the menu and thought oh that’s nice, then New Orleans to Houston i thought Oh that’s ok, then Houston to LA i thought that’s familiar, then LA to San Francisco MMM, then San Fran to Glenwood Springs I thought this is very familiar then Glenwood springs to Chicago i thought bloody hell not again. I could have had half chicken cooked in herbs with mash potatoes eight times. The same menu on every train in every state, now that is what i call sticking to the tried and tested, now I know how the Israelites felt in the desert moaning about the quail. Amtrak have been awarded $1.8 billion from the government for upgrades will someone get them a new cook book.


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