Care in the community it is there

Care in the community it is there
2 recent incidents that have sharply reminded me that as sceptical as I can be there is care in the community. I was taking coffee in one my coffee shops were I go to think and read. It is small and old fashioned place with only about 4 small tables. On this occasion there was across from me an elderly lady I mean proper elderly, bent over, shopping trolley with wheels, a slight vagueness about her existence and possibly a slight whiff of urine. We both had the same off the menu soup and a roll, she did not finish her roll I had another, crusty brown and seeds. She was obviously a more frequent visitor than I as the assistant know her name, she did not know mine name. the luxury of company and a cooked meal drew to a close and it was time to pay. The assistant asked did she want the usual? There was the usual possessive response and into a clean crisp white paper bag was placed a single crusty role. No husband. In an entirely reckless manner the lone elderly lady handed her purse to the assistant. In a caring manner the assistant received the purse deducted the cost of the dinner the role but not the care. The elderly lady left with her trolley carrying the lone crispy cob, her correct change, cared for.
I hope there is some there for me when I need it


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