ice cubes

Ice cubes
I have this week tried to share with my companion who is my godson some of my wisdom which we all know means telling others about the mistakes we have made and by God’s grace survived. We have talked of many different subjects, books, music, sport, hopes and other stuff we are contracted not to share. I have also been the student to his wisdom. This week i have been reminded of the wonder of putting two large ice cubes in your mouth. It is not as easy as it sounds. You first have drink all the pop which means filling the body with gas. The challenge in its early stages is more difficult before the ice cubes have shrunk. Keeping them in your mouth means not chipping any teeth which could be expensive if not inconvenient. Then you have to get them back in the glass without dribbling down your shirt or dropping them noisily onto the plate so everyone on the next table looks round. The game seems to come to an end when the ice cubes become small enough to swallow or you’re offered fresh pop and ice cubes and the game starts all over again. I have to say this wisdom seems to outweigh mine on offer.


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