After spending many holidays in France i realise i have become more comfortable with the French language by comfortable i mean i can order breakfast, wine and read the road signs. But here in Spain it feels very different so i have taken to pointing. When that does not work i point loudly when that does not produce the desired item i just accept what is offered. Pointing loudly has reminded me of all those drama lessons we had inflicted upon in the comprehensive education system of the 70S. We had to pretend to be a tree but for a 13 year old who was having trouble pretending to be a boy a small Oak tree was way outside of my theatrical abilities. So what gets me thru the day is pointing to a failed GSCE level, and speaking in English with a very strange French ascent that no one in France would recognise. For us English pointing in Spanish could be another Olympic sport for us to excel in.


  1. Could your companion manage to get some video footage of interaction ??? Purely for linguistic research you understand !!


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