Spanish Donna

We had our fist continental meal, Spanish Donner kebab which is just like the English variety. Which has lead me to begin to peal away the false layer of perfection my travelling companion seems to have of me. I am more than aware the effect s a Donna can have on my exhaust system, which leads me to a story. I told my companion as a warning the time Erin and I were in bed we had done our bit of reading turned off the lights and travelled towards sleep. One of us said to the other “can you smell that?” feeling sleep was more important than the smell we ignored until the smell became a bit worrying. one of us said “did you turn the gas off? “ Well you have to get up to that don’t you. I went and made some investigations in the kitchen came back with the all clear. Except the smell of gas was still in the bedroom Erin came to the conclusion I was the source of the smell. I think we will leave the window open tonight after Compline just in case.


  1. Beware - i feel it is only fair to warn you that your travel companion may yet be able to match you in the exhaust system stakes.....Open all windows... !


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