Wider debate about Welfare!

Wider debate about Welfare!
One dictionary version of the word on the lips of our government,  welfare,  a governmental agency that provides funds and aid to people in need, especially those unable to work. So welfare seems to be about distributing money to those in need (not unlike being a parent) and today that focus for the government is the under 25 year olds on housing benefit. Some we are told have become used to getting hand-outs that are taken for granted and not deserved. (Like me when I was a child)
So here is what I am pondering what if we move those responsible for Tax Breaks into the same Department of Welfare hopefully in bringing the two departments together we will discover some synergy (cost savings) redundancy (eventually seeking housing benefit). It seems to my narrow uneducated way of looking at life both departments share the same definitions of Welfare as some of the definitions and language are similar. The role of both departments is to identify needy people and distribute money to them that they have not worked for or don’t deserve. Those looking for tax efficient lifestyles and those looking for some where to live seem to have a lot in common from a combined welfare and tax return department. One set of people are required to jump through a set of hoops, be interviewed by the department in question and may have the welfare withdrawn at some point because they don’t need it. The other set of people covered by the new shared department are contacted by Mr slick 3% have a meeting in an expensive hotel where they are invited to join a scheme where at some point in the future the same shared department advised by Mr slick 3% will distribute money to those who don’t work money they don’t need or earn. But there is a flaw in my pondering, at some point in the future the two the two sets of welfare people might get mixed up. Those looking for housing benefit might get distributed to them large undeserved tax breaks. And those who Mr Slick 3% is working on behalf of might get some housing benefit. But I am hopeful that those putting together the new combined system will find a way of not getting the people mixed up, the last thing the country needs is irresponsible people wondering around with large amounts of unearned underserved cash wasting it on things they don’t need. We might end up with an economy in growth but that’s another department problem, isn’t it?


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