St Ignatius and bumpers

Today I was imersed into the history and modern context of St ignatius 

Archbishop David as my guide and fellow pilgrim took me to a number of places where the life of Ignatius is recorded. Back home months ago when I suggested to Mark my Sabbatical guide I might continue to explore what Ignatious spiritual practice may offer me post my Spiriual Directors Course, I never dreamt I would be so close to the home of this spiritual giant. 

So what am and have I been learning over the past year? God sends people. 
God has sent many people to me I call them God bumpers or brief encounters, God sends them to bump into me and in that bumping for me there is a great possibility for change and enrichment. 

When I told a dear friend I was going to be flat sharing with someone I had never meet, to a place I had never been, exploring a spectrum of faith I had no understanding of he said "your mad". Well he is right but in that bumping together I have been part of through this past year and this week I have continued to be changed and enriched.

For all of you who have took the time to bump into me, I thank God for you. 

Now what do I do with these Ignation spiritual practices?


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